ECONOMY: Payment times by the COM much longer than in mainland France


At the end of 2021, the Collectivity's cash flow was 67 million against 57 million at the end of 2020. In mid-July 2022, it was 80 million euros, the director of the public finance center told elected officials in plenary session of the council. territorial. However, the COM is slow to pay its suppliers. The average payment period is indeed 96,55 days. When a company sends its invoice, it is paid on average 13,8 weeks later.

“Often, the public finance center is accused of not making transfers, of blocking them,” comments the director. But these reproaches are formulated “wrongly”. According to the director of the public finance center, the main reason for this slowness is the "lack of liaison" between the various services of the Collectivity between them but also between those who incur the expenses and those of the CFP who carry out the regulations. An improvement in working methods is underway, assures the director of the CFP.

If the processing time of files by the COM is long, that of the CFP is just as long compared to the national average: 12,99 days in Saint-Martin against 3,35 days in mainland France. This is mainly due to the fact that the files reach him incomplete, that the companies do not provide all the documents requested. The rate of rejection of mandates is effectively 6,62% against 1,12% in mainland France.

Today the Collectivity processes 14 mandates. (


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