Cycling: The ASM club present at the “Grand Prix de l'Ouverture” in Guadeloupe


Three young cyclists who are members of the ASM (Association Sportive de Marigot) club went to Guadeloupe last weekend for the first race of the season nicknamed "Le Grand Prix de l'Ouverture", organized by the Guadeloupe Regional Cycling Committee (CRCG).

In the Cadet category, the young Kenny CARTY won a beautiful second place.

In the Juniors, Kianny NOEL finished in 14th place, 25 seconds from the winner.

Finally, among the seniors, Reni ARRONDELL, after a year of absence and for his first year in this category, was able to compete with the best of the peloton for a good part of the race. A good omen for the rest of his season.

Note that the ASM club will once again visit Guadeloupe this weekend to participate in the "Theobald Mania". _AF

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