CRUISE: Nearly 90 liners under investigation by US CDC


About a hundred liners cruising in American waters have reported suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19 on board to the CDC, the center for Disease control and Prevention in the United States in accordance with the regulations.

The CDC determines whether or not an investigation is necessary to determine the causes of the contamination according to predefined thresholds. Depending on the information, the CDC assigns a color code to the liners: green for those who have not reported a case, orange if cases are reported and their number is below the threshold, red if it is higher and yellow if the number has been greater than the threshold limit.

The CDC also indicates on its website whether it carries out investigations, if they are completed. To date, nearly 90 liners are under investigation. Most cruise lines are affected (Carnival Corporation, Walt Disney Company, Genting Hong Kong Limited, MSC Cruise management UK Limited, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Viking Cruises, etc.)


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