Covid-19: The "Tilt" Association offers protective visors for priority people  


In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, the Tilt association, which has been present in Saint-Martin for several years, has just started manufacturing 3D-printed protective visors for priority audiences such as city doctors, nurses liberal, but also retirement homes, firefighters, police, pharmacists, etc.

All people in so-called care professions or in continuity of services who have to travel or come into contact with potential Covid-19 patients or people at risk can make a request to the association at this address: "The volunteers of the association will be responsible for delivering the masks as far as possible and in compliance with the rules of confinement or to voluntary distribution points (pharmacies, medical offices etc.)" explains President Caroline Rattier.

These masks with plexiglass visors mounted on light plastic frames are made by volunteers using the association's two 3D printers. Production was launched at the start of the week in Saint-Martin. “We mobilized in a few hours, with one team in Saint-Martin and the other in mainland France, communicating through social networks,” explains President Caroline Rattier.

"The masks manufactured by Tilt are inspired by those designed by the network of fablabs which, all over the world, began to manufacture visors for solidarity" explains Laure, fabmanager of the association last summer. These are widespread and widely distributed visor models in France that designers have created, tested and adapted with the support of caregivers. Their manufacture therefore follows the protocol adopted by fablabs following the prescriptions of several health services. As a reminder, fablabs are associations for the free sharing of know-how and information.

“The association can make around thirty a day. », Explains Caroline Rattier. Printers are powered with filament called PLA. “To meet demand, and increase production, we need this raw material. »Adds Caroline Rattier. Tilt is therefore appealing for donations through its Leetchi * fund and to all interested parties to help it in this free and united action. We are also launching a call to Makers or anyone who has a 3D printer in order to increase our production capacities.

“It is natural for our association to propose this type of action. This is part of our missions, ”concludes Caroline Rattier, who reminds us that the association was created after Hurricane Irma to help Saint-Martin in the anticipation and management of natural disasters (



Caroline Rattier, President of Tilt

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