COOPERATION: Philippe Gustin calls for a “rebalancing” between Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten


Philippe Gustin, interministerial delegate for reconstruction keeps repeating that the reconstruction of the island cannot be done without "cooperation" between the two parties, between the two states. It is "an" imperative necessity "to ensure" a rebalancing ".

Wednesday at a press conference, Philippe Gustin returned to this issue. "We have long had an imbalance between the two parts of the island with a border that does not exist, very strong porosity (...)", he recalls. A "new partnership" between the two states therefore seems "essential". He regularly discusses it with his two counterparts, one based in Sint Maarten, the second based in The Hague.

Precisely, Philippe Gustin insists on the importance for France and the Netherlands to have "a common approach on the aspects of migratory flows". The Netherlands' desire to take over border control competence and impose it on Sint Maarten in return for financial aid is for France "an extremely important signal", comments Philippe Gustin. "As soon as this agreement is accepted and signed, we can strengthen our cooperation on this aspect" of immigration, he said. (More details on

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