EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Bilingualism at the heart of the Community’s priorities


On September 21 and 28, bilingualism was doubly present in the decisions of the Executive Council. First by the use of Cambridge certification and then by an agreement between the COM and the rectorate of Guadeloupe as part of the strengthening of bilingual education in Saint-Martin.

Bilingualism constituting a constituent part of Saint-Martin's identity, the Community has been working for many years to develop and recognize it. On the one hand, by the implementation of tools to quantify and evaluate the levels and, on the other hand, of tools to ensure the increase in English skills of the students and staff of the Community ( in particular: ATSEM and library staff). With this aim, the COM's choice fell on the Cambridge certification which allows, among other things, international recognition, an objective evaluation, a strengthening of confidence, a promotion of linguistic diversity and a prospect of attracting investments. foreigners. This certification in the deployment of bilingualism in Saint-Martin can offer many benefits for learners, schools, employers and COM agents. Known as the Cambridge CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English), it represents the highest level of proficiency on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) scale and is requested by many Anglo-Saxon universities for admission of foreign students. Regarding students, the University of Cambridge is at the origin of around ten English diplomas: Young Learners, Key English Test, Preliminary.  On September 21, 2023, the Executive Council therefore decided to award, for one year and renewable three times, the International English Language Certification market to the company World Experience for a maximum non-contractual amount of €3M.

Bilingual classes

In the same vein, the opening in Saint-Martin of bilingual classes in the 1st as in the 2nd degree has constituted, since 2016, a priority axis both for the Community and for the Guadeloupe rectorate.

With an initial enrollment of 106 students in 2016, this education benefited 575 students at the start of the 2022 school year. The executive council last Thursday decided to approve the partnership agreement between the COM and the Guadeloupe rectorate setting out the expectations and obligations of each in order to give Saint-Martin students the opportunity to acquire perfect mastery of both languages ​​equally through educational activities. In addition, the COM agrees to authorize five of its agents to intervene in the educational establishments concerned, the schedules will be established by the rectorate. _VX

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