Prefecture press release: Bacteria Escherichia coli: recall of reblochons, demi-reblochons and tartiflards Chabert


Following the identification in mainland France of several cases of severe infection by the bacterium Escherichia coli in young children who consumed whole reblochon with raw milk produced by the company Chabert, a recall was carried out at national level on the whole of the following cheeses, informs by press release the prefecture of Guadeloupe:

• Reblochons whole PDO with raw milk bearing the health mark FR 74.096.050 CE ·

Name: PDO Reblochon dairy cheese with raw milk

Presentation: 450g whole cheese, packaged

Sanitary brand (stamp): EN 74.096.050 EC- with red casein disc

Lots: lots starting with 8CR XXXX….

Trademark: all trademarks

• 240g dairy AOP half-reblochons bearing the health mark FR 74.289.50 C · E


Denomination: Half-cheese PDO dairy reblochon

Presentation: 240g half-reblochon packed

Bearing the stamp: EN 74.289.050 EC with red casein tablet

Lots: 20 lots with a best before date 29/05/2018

• Tartiflards of 450 g bearing the health mark FR 74.096.050 CE - FR 74.303.050 CE ·

Name: Savoy cheese with raw milk

Presentation: 450 g packaged cheese

Bearing the stamp: FR 74.096.050 CE - FR 74.303.050 CE with red casein tablet

Batches: all batches and best before date


The investigations carried out in Guadeloupe on these three products show that some were indeed marketed on the archipelago before the implementation of the withdrawal and recall procedure.

Those who hold the cheeses concerned are asked not to consume them and to bring them back to the point of sale where they were purchased. Health authorities remind people who have consumed it and who have symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain or vomiting that they should consult their doctor as soon as possible, mentioning this consumption and the possible link with the bacterium Escherichia coli.

If there are no symptoms within 10 days of consuming the affected products, there is no need to worry and consult a doctor.

More information on hemolytic and uremic syndromes (HUS) and on the bacteria E. coli:……

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