Dog and cat trade: your new obligations


The sale and breeding of dogs and cats are now better supervised. The new regulations have been applicable since the beginning of the month.

The ordinance of October 7, 2015 on the transfer of dogs and cats has therefore entered into force in order to avoid abuse. "If the pet market has experienced strong dynamism for several years, it is accompanied by certain excesses (animal trafficking, non-compliant intra-community trade, undeclared breeding activities, ill-treatment, abandonment, etc.) ) ”, Specifies the report addressed to the president of the Republic François Hollande relating to the ordinance, stressing that the marketing of animals via Internet is“ particularly worrying ”.

Your new obligations, according to the Ministry of Agriculture

- The obligation for an individual to declare himself a breeder from the 1st litter sold;

- The registration obligation for all farms *. For this, the breeder must first make a declaration to the chamber of agriculture and obtain a SIREN number;

- The reinforcement of the mandatory information for any publication of an announcement of transfer for consideration. The SIREN number will be the condition for validating free classified ads on the internet;

- The ban on self-service sales of any vertebrate animal.

* For breeders selling only animals registered in a herd book that do not produce more than one litter per year and per tax household, there are special provisions. For them it will be a litter number.

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