Tourism Club Objective: to bring together private tourism stakeholders


The Saint-Martin Tourism Club was created in July 2020 under the impetus of the Association des Hôteliers de Saint-Martin. In a difficult context, it was essential to bring together the private actors representing tourism.

Also, the AHSM called on professionals in the sector to create a strong network and carry out several actions with the following objectives:

- strengthen the link between tourism professionals and public institutions,

- increase the reputation of our territory,

- develop attendance and promote member establishments,

- promote tourism professions and support employment in the sector.

Club members come from all segments of tourism (hotels, rentals, catering, leisure, transport, car rental, travel agencies, shops, etc.).

Aware of the current issues and of the need to unite, several professionals from the island immediately responded and joined the Club. It is nevertheless important that the Tourism Club continues to develop to be a key player in the development of the island on essential subjects (promotion, land use planning, security, training, etc.).

What are the benefits for members? They are numerous, the members benefit in particular from technical support in terms of human resources, taxation, legal and social matters, etc., as well as access to a platform for exchange between professionals.

Everyone at their own level can make their contribution and the commitment of members can take place at various levels (participation in committees, sharing of expertise, pooling of information, etc.) on an ad hoc or regular basis and on the basis of volunteering.

In order to allow everyone to benefit from the benefits of the Tourism Club, it was decided for 2020 that only the registration fees would be required, the amount of the membership is at the discretion of the member. We must get out of this situation, all united !!!

To register now or receive for more information, contact the Tourism Club or 06 90 24 68 76.

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