RUGBY: A bitter-tasting podium for the Archiball!


U 12 Committee Tournament

Last Saturday took place in Saint-Barthélemy, the Committee tournament, category U 12. A beautiful plateau since seven teams made the trip including the Martinique Diamond. 

The Archiball made a perfect start to the tournament by winning their group matches. The victories over the Diamond, the Union and the Basstruc put them on the right track with ten trials registered for zero conceded!

Still, the semi-final against the Barracudas brought down the ambitions for victory! The edge of the field has indeed tilted the arbitration decisions in favor of the local team. Without forgetting the last-minute rule changes that penalized young Saint-Martin residents. On arrival, the Archiball finish in 3rd place, clearly being the best team in Guadeloupe. Good job guys ! _AF

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  1. Baud January 27, 2016 at 14:30 pm Reply

    Not only does your article denigrate the victory of the little barracudas and try to steal their merit !! But in addition you allow yourself to use my photo that you took on my Facebook without my permission.
    This shows the quality and honesty of your journalist article.

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