Club de Gym Saint-Martin: Let's go for a promising new season!


A hundred young people are already registered with the Gym Saint-Martin club for this new season. All leisure groups and competitions resume training this Monday, September 12, 2016.

Leisure groups start from 2 years old….

All these little tips learn to roll, climb, jump, turn,… on foam modules, trampolines and mini apparatus…. then also participate in games (hoops, balls, studs, ropes….)

At the end of the year, the youngest will present an "early childhood" show.

From 6 years old, young people enter the gymnastics school, separated into the chicks section (boys and girls) born in 2009/2008/2007 and the Youth section from 10 years old.

Young people aged 6 to 18 choose one or two sessions per week.

These gymnasts will participate in the "young" competition organized in March 2017 (several levels on the program) with the participation of the two clubs on the Dutch side.

During the school holidays, courses will be organized with various activities.

The competition section offers training at the high level or at the regional level.

The regional level: during the Territorial competition, the best gymnasts will be selected in Guadeloupe.

Federal sector: training for those who want and who especially have qualities for this discipline.

“The Gym Saint-Martin club is a training club. From a very young age, we have the capacity to guide the child either in leisure or competition so that it finds its development there ”. _AF



The Club de Gym Saint-Martin is located in Hope Estate (next to SOPSA) in a room of 220 M2, dedicated exclusively to the practice of Artistic gymnastics and fully equipped.

Extension to Concordia: educational material implemented (modules, small materials, etc.)

To simplify information or registration, please contact Grace Riom: 06 90 39 79 78 / GYM SAINT MARTIN CLUB

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