Modular classes of the Cité Scolaire: details…


Since the start of the new school year in November 2017, students from Soualiga secondary school have been housed at the Robert Weinum school complex in La Savane, which in this context hosts a high school and a college (Soualiga and Robert Weinum together).

The community was therefore committed with the support of the Fondation de France to build modular classrooms to increase the capacity of the establishment. The delivery of these six modular classes was significantly delayed due to logistical problems which disrupted the school year. These six air-conditioned modules are now operational and welcomed the students at the opening of classes on Monday morning. Apart from the leak of an air conditioner in one of the classes which somewhat disturbed the teacher assigned to this room (the air conditioner will be changed tomorrow), integration into the new classes went very well for the of the students. The rooms have an area of ​​60m2 and are spacious enough to offer students good working conditions.

Welcomed last Monday by the principal of the Robert Weinum High School, Mrs. Borel, the principal of Soualiga College, Mr. Frigo and the president of the Caisse Territoriale des Œuvres Scolaires (CTOS), Mrs. Laborde, President Gibbs and Rector Fourar first makes a stop at the school restaurant of the establishment. They then visited the new classes and took the time to exchange with the college students and their teachers, welcoming the work efforts made under difficult conditions in recent months, also encouraging them to put their situation compared to other places. 

Anxious to be able to provide students with optimal learning conditions in the coming years, the community opted for the construction of a new 900 college by 2021. In the meantime, the community of Saint-Martin and the rectorate have ratified the creation of 14 Algéco-type classes for the next school year in the Cité scolaire sector. This system will accommodate college students. The six modular classes built by the FDF will remain available to college students until the opening of college 900. Some specialized classes in the school district (SVT - Music) will be kept available to the college. As for the 4 Algéco classes made available by the gendarmerie, they are destined to disappear. The 4 modular classes that were to be installed in the schoolyard (by the community) will be built near the sports complex to accommodate the students' changing rooms and sports equipment. Unlike the Algéco, these modular classes are final.

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