Mist of sand: why is the heat felt stronger?


Stifling heat! Here is the observation of these last two days on the whole of the Guadeloupe archipelago. The reasons: the heavy haze of sand which crosses our territories causing significant heat. According to Météo France Guadeloupe, the temperature is not hotter, it is due to the dry weather in contact with the human body

“Why are we hot? Because we are like in an oven. The sand competes with our body to be able to recover moisture. ”, explains Christophe Valère Montout, climatologist at Météo France Guadeloupe.

These episodes of very dry and hot weather are therefore not new. According to Météo France Guadeloupe, sand is a dry element that wants to take on moisture. Result, as our body loses moisture, it will create it to cope with heat. The feeling of warmth is therefore doubly felt.

Météo France Guadeloupe specifies that the haze of sand should still persist for a while because there is no tropical wave in forecast on the north of the West Indian arc which could come and sweep away this heat and this dust. On the other hand, further south in Martinique, a tropical wave is expected on Thursday.

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We can see the continuous sand zone coming from West Africa and which indicates that the situation will continue for several days. The title photo was taken this morning at Cul de sac

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