BASKETBALL: The recovery under the baskets has sounded!


The basketball clubs LDI, PHOENICKS, RCM, SXM SPORT POUR TOUS and THUNDERZ (BACKAYARD PRO) inform the population of the resumption of basketball on the renovated grounds made available by the Collectivity: at the Sports Hall of the Jean- stadium Louis Vanterpool in Marigot, at the Thelbert Carty stadium in Quartier d'Orléans and at Sandy-Ground.

This collaboration between LDI, PHOENICKS, RCM, SXM SPORT POUR TOUS and THUNDERZ (BACKAYARD PRO) brings together the driving forces of Saint-Martin, the skills of everyone taking over Basketball, which has been extinct for 1 year already. "With all the players, we will develop and build a new future for the sustainability of the practice of Basketball in Saint Martin," said a representative of local basketball.

The training schedule:

The training schedule is now known:

- Meeting in Marigot from Monday to Friday 17 pm-20pm, Wednesday 15 pm-19pm, Saturday

16 to 19 p.m., Sunday 7 to 12 a.m.

- Meeting at Quartier d'Orléans Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 17 pm-20pm.

- Meeting at Sandy-Ground from Monday to Friday 17 pm-22pm, Saturday 17 pm-22pm.

This is a recovery that should enchant all basketball enthusiasts in Saint-Martin. And god knows there are many on the "Friendly Island"! _AF

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