Badminton “SXM Badminton”: a new club is born!


Under the leadership of Jallil Assemlal, Badminton enthusiasts can now practice their favorite discipline in “SXM Badminton” every week at the Concordia Sports Hall!

Badminton is an increasingly popular racket sport in mainland France and also in Saint-Martin. It is a very spectacular discipline when it is practiced by good players, which sometimes gives magnificent exchanges. But don't worry, you don't have to be a great sportsman or a driving pro to have fun! If you have never played badminton, after half an hour, you will probably manage to play correctly and have fun.

>> Come and hit the steering wheel ...

Do you want to work out quickly and are you tired of running alone? Badminton is the sport for you! In 45 minutes, you will have plenty of time to put your organization to work in a friendly and joyful atmosphere specific to badminton! With friends, work colleagues, singles or doubles, come and test the perfect playing conditions at Concordia.

With all these arguments, it is impossible to resist, so come and hit the wheel as soon as possible at the “SXM Badminton”!

Note that snowshoes and shuttlecocks are available to badists. The annual subscription is 120 euros (10 euros subscription formula then 5 euros per session possible). _AF

Contact: Jallil Assemlal 0690733171


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