On January 1, 2018, the RSI is deleted and integrated into the general system


The abolition of the Self-Employed Social Scheme (RSI), provided for by the social security financing law for 2018, is set for December 31, 2017. The reform which provides for the transfer of social protection for self-employed workers to the general scheme on January 1, 2018 , will be operationalized over a period of 2 years.

As of 1er January 2018, the social regime of the self-employed (RSI) is abolished and the social protection of the self-employed is entrusted to the general scheme (which already covers the essential part of the French population) for the management of health risks, old age and invalidity-death and the deduction of their contributions. This reform, which modifies the organization of the social protection of the self-employed, does not affect the methods of calculation of their contributions or the payment of their benefits.

The Social Security Financing Act for 2018 provides for the abolition of the IHR and the transfer of social protection from the self-employed to the general scheme at 1er January 2018. This transfer concerns 6,5 million beneficiaries including 2,8 million active business leaders and 2 million retirees traders, artisans, professionals and micro-entrepreneurs and their families. The activities currently managed by the RSI will be covered by the general scheme, within the health insurance, the pension insurance and the Urssaf network, according to arrangements allowing to maintain a single window for the self-employed. .

Continuity of service for the insured

In concrete terms, policyholders will have no steps to take and will continue to use their usual channels of contact (reception points, telephone numbers, etc.). The regional funds of the RSI become the social security agencies of the self-employed and are from January 1er the interlocutors of the self-employed on behalf of the general social security scheme. If the website changes and is now accessible at www.secu-independants.fr, policyholders already registered naturally keep their personalized account.


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