Watch out for the strong return of mosquitoes!


The sustained rains which have lasted for a few days multiply the development of mosquito breeding sites (nesting places), some of which will increase the risk of epidemic.

The Health Agency therefore invites everyone to participate in the fight against mosquitoes by the following actions:

• Eliminate or empty any unnecessary container or object that can retain water;

• Protect water reserves with mosquito netting;

• Regularly clean your gutters and gutters;

• Remain vigilant regarding objects that can keep standing water on construction sites.

• Establish predatory fish of mosquito larvae in out of use tanks or swimming pools;

You can recover larval predator “Golomine” fish from the ARS (by calling the following number: 05 90 27 90 88).

Only the rapid mobilization of everyone will reduce the risk of epidemics of mosquito-borne diseases. _AF


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