ATHLETICS: Five young CEES athletes in training at CREPS in Guadeloupe


From April 5 to 8, Dalia Romulus,  D'Quanda Carti,  Loyan Cornélie, Oscar Morandeau and Naïla Boucaud from the Territorial Improvement Center (CPT) Athletics of the Center of Excellence and Education through Sport of Saint-Martin (CEES) benefited from an athletics course at CREPS Antilles- Guyana in Guadeloupe. They were accompanied by their coaches Patrick Trival and Kamila Hyman.

A busy program, during which young hopefuls from Saint-Martin discovered and practiced their favorite sport on the new connected track, which bears the name of a certain Marie-José Pérec, triple Olympic gold medalist. A technology that makes it possible to dissect and analyze the running and stride of athletes, thanks to sensors placed under and in the covering. A boon for young student athletes from the CEES Athletics CPT.

The course continued with an introduction to discus and javelin throwing, and an introduction to sprinting. For this, they had the pleasure of being trained by Ronald Ramier and by Princess Hyman, recent gold medalist in discus throwing at the Carifta Games, 5th in the world and European vice-champion.

The training program was punctuated by bodybuilding sessions, under the aegis of the head of the CREPS Weightlifting Unit, Jean-Claude Collinot.

Several competitions next June

An internship which also made way for a sporting challenge, with an afternoon at the Le Tapeur treetop adventure park. A real moment of group cohesion, which allowed the athletes to surpass themselves and work on their minds.

Suffice to say that the CPT Athletics, through Patrick Trival, draws a positive conclusion from this stay, the objective of which was to discover and practice athletics in infrastructures which offer means of progress. The meeting with Princess Hyman also allowed the young people from the CEES to address the demands of high-level sport.

The work continues, culminating in the participation of student athletes in various competitions in Saint-Martin and Guadeloupe, notably in the junior and junior championships scheduled for next June. _AF

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