Insurance: 47% of compensation paid in full


Damage caused by the passage of Hurricane Irma in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy cost insurance companies 2 billion euros, specifically 1,164 billion in Saint-Martin and 839 million in Saint-Barth, says the French Insurance Federation (FFA).

In Saint-Martin at the end of May, 87% of the 16 files (all claims combined) received part of the compensation, 980% received the whole. At the end of May, 47 million euros had been distributed.

In terms of housing, 49% of the insured received all of their compensation and 90% of them a part at the end of May, says the FFA. In the automobile sector, 79% of files were compensated, 85% in part. In terms of professional goods, 81% of the insured received part of their compensation, 43% of them all. In terms of boating, 48% of the insured were fully compensated and 56% in part. (More details on

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