Ministerial visit: Annick Girardin wants to "accelerate the pace and remove the brakes"


The Overseas Minister came to take stock of the “Friendly Island”, six months after the passage from irma to Saint-Martin.

"Accelerate the pace and lift the brakes" so that the population is sheltered for the next hurricane season. Here is the message that the Minister of Overseas, wanted to send during her trip Sunday and Monday in Saint Martin six months after the passage of Hurricane Irma.

Accompanied by the Secretaries of State to the Ministers for Ecological Transition and Social Cohesion, she went to the field and met with socio-professionals to assess these obstacles and find solutions.

"For example in terms of housing, we come out of these meetings and these meetings with the list of all the points that make it take time", continues Julien Lenormandie, State Secretary to the Minister for Social Cohesion. “We have companies that need insurance funds to go to citizens. This is the dialogue that we have with the French insurance federation, ”he adds. Julien Lenormandie also claimed to be working to improve the supply of construction materials. “Ordering the equipment takes a long time. We realize that depending on the port where the goods arrive, we do not have the same duration. You can shorten it but to be able to industrialize this new mode of logistics, a certain number of decisions must be taken either by the State, or by the Collectivity, especially besides by the community. We then list these decisions and see how they can be made, ”he said.

“We are no longer in the emergency phase. We are at the beginning of the reconstruction phase, "recalled the Minister of Overseas, who has repeatedly affirmed that the State was at the side of Saint-Martin and its population to support them in the reconstruction. “Some people are surprised that this is not progressing. But I was there 24 hours after Irma, I saw this devastated territory and today, at the state level, we can be proud of all that has been accomplished, "considers Annick Girardin while recalling that the 'State has so far spent 300 million euros for Saint Martin.

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