ASSOCIATION: The year 2023 promises to be busy for "Seafood"


The last free book distribution of the year 2022 took place last Saturday at the Amuseum Naturalis with the book “Super St. Martin Ocean! ". Mark Yokoyama and Jenn Yerkes are ready to tackle the new year with a plethora of projects.

Dressed for the occasion on this morning of Christmas Eve, Mark Yokoyama, Santa Claus larger than life from the association Les Fruits de Mer, and Jenn Yerkes, his faithful partner as West Indian Mrs. Claus, invited the population to discover the latest work published by them during a free distribution which was added to those which took place during the months of November and December.

Young and old have received the book “Super St. Martin Ocean!” from the hands of the author. » of a hundred pages with more than 130 animals and plants to know thanks to mazes, crosswords and drawings. On December 24, Jenn and Mark had concocted several surprises for visitors and a few delicacies, including shortbread cookies in the shape of a fir tree, snowflake and star that the children were free to decorate creatively. If this book distribution session marked the end of 2022, the association Les Fruits de Mer will be busy next year with projects as interesting as they are exciting: Mark Yokoyama is preparing the release of a collection in French of six poems by Lasana M. Sekou which will allow children to discover the magnificent pen of this Saint-Martin artist in the language of Molière. An exhibition is also being prepared to highlight the works of Lasana Sekou, it will be available in French, English and Spanish.

Jenn Yerkes will focus on the second volume of "Incredibilia" to bring other incredible stories of the animals of Saint-Martin to our bedside tables.

As underwater spaces remain a wealth of biodiversity and education for the association Les Fruits de Mer, an exhibition on the different habitats of animals in the ocean will be on the program for 2023.

On the book side, other suites will also be added to the impressive bibliography of the association, with for example "Soualiga Culture", a nod to the fruits and plants of the territory, and a children's version of the book on sargassum. In direct collaboration with Celeste Beauperthuy, Mark Yokoyama is working on a book dedicated to Saint-Martin craft toys from the 40s and 50s, embellished with drawings and interviews on the creation of these singular, practical and playful objects. In 2023, the Les Fruits de Mer association will therefore once again contribute to spreading the tradition and sharing knowledge, for the greatest pleasure of all._Vx

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