French Red Cross: The Territorial Delegation of Saint-Martin organizes the election of its new office…


The Territorial Delegation of Saint-Martin, under provisional administration, is organizing the election of its new office and its council on November 16.

The elections will mark a moment of associative democracy during which members of the French Red Cross will be able to vote for their elected representatives. Choosing to take responsibility for the French Red Cross means committing to giving your time to coordinate daily actions. It also means putting your skills at the service of those who trust us and being proud to wear the emblem and the Principles of the Red Cross in all circumstances.

Members over the age of 16 can stand for election and   send their candidacy in writing to the administrator of the Delegation, Ms. Berchel Jocelyne, before November 8, 2019. All members who have paid their dues will be able to vote. To do this, they must present themselves with an identity document or their membership card.

This is a great meeting of life and associative democracy during which volunteers affirm a strong personal and collective commitment to the service of the people served by the French Red Cross.

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