Social policy and integration conference: meet tonight in Quartier d'Orléans


Organized by the Collectivity, the first Assises on social policies and the integration of Saint-Martin began on Tuesday, February 18, with the opening meeting at the Hôtel de la Collectivité in the presence of President Daniel Gibbs, from Vice-President Annick Pétrus, elected officials from the majority, CAF, Pôle Emploi and social players and partners.

Throughout the week, four public meetings are organized in the various districts of the island in order to collect the needs of the citizens and discuss with them on the policies to be implemented.

The first neighborhood meeting was held in Sector 4 at Sandy Ground on Tuesday evening. The second public meeting took place the next day in sector 3 at Concordia.

Yesterday, the population of sector 2 was invited to Grand-Case, on the football field.

This Friday, February 21, residents of sector 1 are invited in their turn to the sports area of ​​Quartier d'Orléans, at 18 p.m., to discuss social issues with elected officials and social professionals.


At the end of the public meetings, the public authorities will meet on March 12 to promote exchanges and transversality and work together to find concrete solutions to meet the most urgent needs.

The community will then work on the development of the Social White Paper which will take into account the diagnosis of the Assizes and will include concrete measures towards the various districts of the island.

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