Air and Land Forces: it is for the West Indies that recruitment is the most difficult


The Finance Committee issued an information report last week on “the military presence in the Overseas Territories: a matter of sovereignty and protection of the populations”. 

The sovereignty forces are divided into five regional armed forces, each of which is responsible for an important geographical area. 8 soldiers and civilians are deployed in the Indian Ocean, Polynesia, the Antilles-Guyana and New Caledonia.

The report mentions the "difficulties of attractiveness in the Antilles-Guyana and in Mayotte". If “the technicality of the tasks is not more important overseas than in mainland France”, “the level of qualities necessary to meet all the operational needs and the constraints of remoteness is high”. On the whole, the armies do not encounter any general difficulties in recruiting except in the Antilles-Guyana zone, which "appears to be unattractive within the air force, space and land forces" .

“Within the latter, 9,3 candidates apply for a place in the United Arab Emirates and 6,4 for the presence forces in Africa while for Guyana 2,6 people apply for a position and 2,4 for the West Indies. “, observed the authors of the report.

This low attractiveness of the West Indies and Guyana "mayut be explained by several factors such as the absence of employment for the spouses, the difficulties of schooling, and the social and economic environment”. (

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