ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: First Meetings of the Blue Economy of Saint-Martin organized on November 7


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin and its delegation for economic development, chaired by 1st Vice-President Alain Richardson, are organizing the First Meetings of the Blue Economy of Saint-Martin, on Monday November 7, 2022, at the Grand Case Beach Hotel Club.

It is by this ininitiative to bring together blue economy players around thematic round tables, with the aim of co-constructing Saint-Martin's blue economy strategy. 

This strategy aims to promote maritime trades and develop a wide range of interdependent, established and emerging sectors, in favor of local employment. While our economic and tourism sector is gradually recovering from the crises we have gone through, the territorial authority is part of a co-construction approach aimed at strengthening and sustainably diversifying the Saint-Martin economy. The first Assises de l'économie Bleue de Saint-Martin will therefore be organized on Monday, November 7, 2022 in order to work on the construction of this strategy.

To steer this achievement, the green and blue economy development department is supported by the consulting firm BRL Ingénierie. Technicians Elie Touzé, director, and Stéphane Petit, project manager, will be the administrative referents for the project. The BRL Ingénierie firm made a first trip to the territory for a first contact with socio-professionals and local economic actors.

The blue economy meeting must give rise to an operational strategy and ultimately to secure existing jobs in this sector of activity while bringing out new sources of employment for Saint-Martin residents, in particular young people. , and preserving the biodiversity of marine and coastal ecosystems.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED : In order to be able to participate in the workshops, your prior registration by email is mandatory, before October 22 at the following address:

The program of thematic workshops will be sent to you as soon as you register.

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