ANNIVERSARY / Faxinfo turns 31: a look back at its “30 years” exhibition


31 years ago, on February 1, 1993 at 5 a.m., the first Faxinfo was sent by fax to all the fax machines available at that time in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, i.e. more than 200.

Since then, the famous “free” has come a long way and pushes the era of the fax machine to ancient history. In the space of three decades, Faxinfo has managed to evolve with new technologies and trends without ever straying from its identity: being an information medium serving the population.

Faxinfo switched to black and white printing in 1995, at which time distribution began on displays with our distributors. Then color arrived thanks to printing on Canon photocopiers in 1999. Finally, a few years later, it was the version close to the current one which saw the light of day thanks to printing on offset presses and quality glossy paper in our own printing house.

Finally, more recently, digital and online versions of Faxinfo were added, in order to expand its readership here and around the world.


The exhibition 30 years of Faxinfo

All stages of this evolution, including the old “vintage” issues, have been visible in our showroom in Bellevue since December 1st. That day, the date of the inauguration of this surprising exhibition, many Faxinfo fans met at our premises to talk about their memories of the newspaper.

Passionate from the beginning or more recently, they were able to discover the Faxinfo archives and re-read, displayed on the walls, certain important issues which marked the history of Saint-Martin. Between nostalgia for some and revelation for others, there was no shortage of emotions. Another exhibit which has a central place in the history of Faxinfo: the Minitel used to draw information from the very first issues…

This “30 years of Faxinfo” exhibition, not to be missed, continues throughout the month of February. For those under 31, they will be able to leave with the Faxinfo of the day of their birth which we will happily give them, and thus answer this question which is both amusing and symbolic: “What happened in the news the day I was born? »


Faxinfo today: 31 years of success due to exceptionally efficient distribution

Today, from Monday to Friday, our “Task Force Distribution” broadcasts 4500 to 5000 Faxinfo every morning, including 2300 copies “from hand to hand” and the rest in more than 400 distribution points distributed from each side of our island.

Including the rereadings as well as our different versions, digital, website Internet, PDF, Facebook et Instagram, fax info is read by 8000 to 12000 readers daily. This is huge and we are grateful for it every day.

Who would have believed in such a boom among the 200 people who received the first Faxinfo on their fax machine on 1er February 1993 ? Maybe not even its sender and creator.

We owe this success to our readers et to our advertisers whom we warmly thank. Indeed, being a “free” daily newspaper, it is thanks to our advertisers that the Faxinfo team continues to inform you every morning over your coffee, for all these years.

Faxinfo, which celebrated its 31st year yesterday, will continue as best as possible to remain, like our colleagues, a media of public utility and liaison.


Alain Haillant

Happy founder of Faxinfo


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