YEAR OF SPORT: National Olympic and Paralympic Week in the Northern Islands


Capitalizing on the dynamics of the "Year of sport from school to university", the 2016-2017 school year is geared towards Olympism and its values ​​as part of the Paris 2024 bid to organize future Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Ministry of National Education wishes to promote sporting practice among young people and mobilize the educational community around civic and sporting values ​​within the framework of a “Year of Olympism, from school to university” and lead educational actions along these lines throughout the year. Thus, the Olympic and Paralympic week from 21 to 29 January 2017, is a highlight dedicated to the organization of major events throughout the territory.

The Department of National Education of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin with the partnership of the association USEP Iles du Nord and the UNSS district Iles du Nord has concocted a very ambitious program taking into account all the children of the kindergarten to high school. School sport in Saint-Martin will experience a second special highlight with "the Olympic and Paralympic week from 2 to 23 January 27".

“This“ ambitious ”Olympic and Paralympic week is the fruit of the partnership between the Department of Education, USEP Northern Islands and the UNSS Northern Islands district. During the national school sport day in September, we had a participation of approximately 6000 pupils, we hope to exceed this number in order to promote the sporting practice among a maximum of pupils. ” underlines, Jean-Luc Elice, president of the USEP Iles du Nord

For the pleasure of all students, here are some highlights of this program:

- The cross of Saint-Martin nursery schools

- "Tutoring, Olympism and handicap": A sailing-kayak meeting for pupils with disabilities tutored by the 2nd sport class of the Robert Weinum high school.

- "Handballons-nous" with the handball world championships

- A school-college athletic meeting organized by the UNSS with the partnership of USEP, and to finish the mythical transatlantic race: RUN TO PARIS 2024

Happy Olympic and Paralympic week to all students and the entire school community!


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