URBAN PLANNING: An ANRU mission present in the territory from March 12 to 22, 2024!


A mission from the National Urban Renovation Agency (ANRU) will be present in the Sandy Ground and Quartier d'Orléans districts, from Tuesday March 12 to Friday March 22, 2024.

Funded by the State, this mission is placed under the project management of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin. Its objective: to develop a field diagnosis to then launch a process of building rehabilitation and modernization of urban developments.

The National Agency for Urban Renovation (ANRU) is a public industrial and commercial establishment (EPIC) which finances and supports the transformation of urban policy districts throughout France. ANRU and Cabinet Egis will be present in Saint-Martin, as service providers, in order to carry out work consisting of drawing up a diagnosis of the existing situation in order to then be able to think about new urban developments, in correlation with the needs of the neighborhood and residents.

  The field assessment will take place as follows:

• Tuesday March 12 (afternoon): diagnosis of Sandy Ground. Walking tour.

• Wednesday March 13 (morning): diagnosis of Quartier d'Orléans. Walking tour.

• Interviews between the ANRU service provider and local professionals

• A technical committee bringing together professionals in the field

• A steering committee bringing together elected officials

Through this action, the Saint-Martin Community wishes to fully take ownership of its Housing skills and take control of the redevelopment of the territory.

This involves initiating a real urban renewal project for Sandy Ground and Quartier d'Orléans. It is therefore necessary to assess the state of the buildings, to draw up an initial diagnosis leading to a program of urban developments meeting the expectations of residents. The face of Saint-Martin must renew itself, innovate and become more resilient, in a spirit of dialogue and consultation.

Thanks to the PNRU, then the NPNRU, the neighborhoods are changing, dilapidated buildings are rehabilitated into more quality housing. New facilities are built (schools, cultural spaces, sports centers, etc.) and local businesses are created. The means of transport and the traffic pattern are also revised and urban spaces gradually redesigned to improve the living environment of residents.

At the end of this first stage of diagnosis and exchanges, the Community of Saint-Martin and its elected officials wish to develop a global project for each of these two districts which will be part of the territorial project for Saint-Martin. The Community invites you to give a warm welcome to the ANRU technicians, from March 12 to 22, 2024.


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