Hello Childhood in Danger: the emergency number 119 available in Saint-Martin


The emergency number 119 was displayed in the hall of the Community during the celebration of Children's Rights Day, last Wednesday, November 22, to inform children of the possibility of calling if they feel in danger.

The 2nd vice-president Bernadette Davis, the 3rd vice-president Dominique Démocrite Louisy, the territorial advisor Bernadette Venthou-Dumaine and the Director of the Territorial Observatory for Child Protection Jeanine Arnell made this display.

What is 119?

119 is a national emergency number dedicated to the prevention and protection of children in danger or seeking help. Very often, it is minor victims, adults who witness a worrying situation or parents in difficulty who contact 119. The number is accessible throughout France, including overseas. Calls are free 24/24 and are confidential. They do not appear on any phone records.

Who answers 119?

45 listeners, childcare professionals, take turns answering calls while respecting confidentiality.

The 119 must be displayed in all places receiving minors: schools, leisure centers, hospitals and medical practices. The Community of Saint-Martin is working to publicize the 119. As a reminder, the law of July 10, 1989 protects children against mistreatment and gave rise to the National Telephone Assistance Service for Maltreated Children, commonly known as “Hello Abused Childhood”. The objective is to receive calls from children in danger or at risk of being in danger and from any person confronted with worrying situations, to help with their detection and facilitate the protection of minors in danger. It also consists of transmitting worrying information concerning these children to the competent departmental services: the cells for collecting worrying information (CRIP) for the purposes of evaluation. If there is danger to a child, dial 119!

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