AIR: Grand-Case Airport: a restricted approach area


The Grand-Case airport runway faces the sea on its western side. A significant number of planes fly over this zone during their descent and their approach, in view of their landing, day and night.

At night in particular, an aircraft performing a medical evacuation must be able to land safely. As a result, a safety zone is delimited on the sea side with a view to avoiding any accident between an aircraft and a ship's mast which would hinder it in its landing phase. It is strictly forbidden for any sailboat to be at anchor within this perimeter, which is defined as a safety and precautionary zone. It is delimited by yellow beacons. Any offender will be fined and evacuated. He also exposes himself to the suspension of his navigation licence.

The Nautical Brigade of the National Gendarmerie remains vigilant and continues its mobilization for the respect of the law and the safety of all.

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