78,7% of Saint Martin students get their vocational baccalaureate


The results of the vocational baccalaureate have been posted at the LPO since Friday July 7 at the end of the afternoon and most of them are also available online. 62,5% of candidates in the second round were admitted to the 2017 vocational baccalaureate, compared to 84,8% in 2016. A decrease which contrasts with the results of the first round which had reached 70,5%, ie 5,5 points more than in 2016 (65%). The results on the two rounds offset each other since, in total, 78,7% of the students of the vocational college of the North Islands obtained their vocational baccalaureate. A score substantially identical to that of 2016 (78,8%). 144 of the 183 candidates were received, 129 in the first round, and 15 out of 24 in the second.

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