3 Dominicans arrested in possession of false passports in Juliana


Two men born in the Dominican Republic from Port au Prince in Haiti on the Air Antilles flight at 16 pm were arrested last Wednesday by the Alpha Team at Juliana airport; they were traveling with false identity papers, the Sint Maarten police said in a statement.

BRGJ presented a French passport, the first page of which had been printed. Immigration officials also found that the first page of the Spanish EMCR passport was printed. It turned out that they were also in possession of Dominican passports on which false visas from the Netherlands had been affixed. The two individuals were arrested and taken to the police station in Philipsburg. Their passports were confiscated.

On the same day but later, around 22:50 p.m., a man (JDA) also from the Dominican Republic, was refused entry into the territory of Sint Maarten at Juliana airport by the immigration services . The latter noted that the Spanish authorities' stamp on his passport was a fake; a closer inspection of the passport will show that it was also a forgery. JDA also showed a Spanish identity card, a document which turned out to be a forgery. The individual was taken to the Philipsburg police station. His documents were seized.

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