1326 women victims of physical violence and 8 attempted homicides recorded in Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands in 2018


In 2018, 121 women died as a result of violence perpetrated by their spouses, at the national level. In Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands, there are 1326 women victims of physical violence and 8 attempted homicides.

Each woman experiences violence in a unique way, however similar elements are found in most situations. This audience is confronted with several feelings such as fear, isolation, shame and guilt. But also self-esteem, loss of identity, physical and nervous fatigue. Often the only way out is separation. Sometimes long and difficult, this approach can weaken the family unit and impact professional life. The management of domestic violence has evolved in recent years. We have a better understanding of the multiplicity, complexity and diversity of violence. In addition, the development of analyzes, scientific and professional practices in the context of this social issue, has led to significant changes in the support of female victims, the interventions carried out with men who have perpetrated the violence, and the provision of legal assistance.

 The State strengthens its commitment in the fight against this violence

To fight against this violence, the government organized on September 3 “Un Grenelle des violence conjugales”. The objective is to bring together all the actors involved in this field, in order to propose measures and identify the most effective means to fight against feminicides. On our territory, state representatives are also very involved in the fight against violence against women. Thus, at the initiative of the Prefect of the Northern Islands, a monitoring committee for domestic violence and violence against women has been set up since June 5, 2019. The social workers of CAF are positioned on the working group " support for victims of violence ”. The objective is to collectively find solutions to improve the care of victims in the territory, by relying on the partnership network. _AF

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