Travel between Paris and Overseas: testing a health protocol


Restrictions on travel between France and the French overseas departments will continue until June 22. The imperative reasons to justify the displacement and the measure of fourteen on arrival are therefore always imposed until this date

In order to encourage this reopening of the overseas territories and the resumption of economic activity and to allow families to reunite, taking into account the epidemiological situations in the territories concerned, the government has implemented an adapted health protocol for travelers from France to Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélemy and La Réunion. This health protocol has been tested since Tuesday.

Principles of experimentation

All passengers are invited to carry out in the 72 hours preceding the flight an RT-PCR test to detect the SARS Cov2 genome.
On arrival in the territories concerned, passengers, who will present a test with a negative result, will benefit from an accelerated treatment procedure at the airport and will carry out seven days of quarantine, followed by a new RT-PCR test .

In the event of a negative test, they will be able to leave their home, with the wearing of a systematic mask outside and a strict application of social distancing measures for one week. They must refrain from participating in rallies and avoid contact with people at risk (the elderly, etc.).

People who have not carried out tests before departure will follow the reception procedure currently in force at airports (reception and treatment time estimated on average between 3h and 4h) with a strict fortnight measure, on site dedicated or at their home.
A review of this experiment, which will focus in particular on the conditions for carrying out the tests before and after the flight and their results, will be made on June 22.

How to carry out a test before departure?

To carry out a test before departure, passengers can contact their doctor who will prescribe a test or directly to a laboratory on presentation of their ticket or their reservation to these territories.

What documents to present at boarding?

All passengers must provide a sworn statement of the reason for their trip, accompanied by one or more documents to justify this reason, as well as a sworn statement attesting that they have no symptoms of infection of Covid-19 and that they are not aware of having been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19
within 14 days of the flight.

What should I do if I test positive for Covid-19 before departure?

In case of a positive RT-PCR test, it is necessary to isolate oneself for 14 days and it is not possible to take your flight. The airlines are committed to offering people with a test with a positive result, which is not compatible with boarding, an exchange of their ticket for a later flight, after their period of isolation.


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