Local life: A petition to demand the demolition of the old MJC at Sandy-Ground


"Pull down the building of the old cinema which is a real danger for our children!" Is the title of the petition launched by a mother whose son is educated at Sandy-Ground. There, the two schools - primary and nursery - are located in the parking lot known as the old MJC or cultural center.

The building was destroyed during the passage of Hurricane Irma and has so far not been the subject of any work.

“Today, it is a pile of ruins presenting multiple dangers for the population, and in particular the children. Indeed, the walls threaten to collapse, many broken windows overhang the school parking lot and can fall on people at any time, many wasp nests dot the ruins and we can no longer count the mosquitoes which proliferate because water accumulates within the building, since the roof no longer exists! Do not wait for a terrible accident to happen before taking action. It is now that we must make the decision to tear down this building, ”explains this mother who therefore wanted to launch an online petition in order to ask the Community to react quickly.

Early Monday afternoon, 70 people had signed it.


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