A tropical depression or storm is expected to form within a day or two.


This system located in the Gulf of Mexico will bring heavy rains to parts of Cuba, Florida and the Bahamas. It will be named Alex if it becomes a tropical storm.

Tropical storm warnings could be issued quickly in parts of Florida and western Cuba.

A sprawling low pressure area has developed near Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and in the northwest Caribbean Sea. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) dubbed this system Invest 91L, a naming convention used by meteorologists to identify an area of ​​disturbed weather that could develop into a tropical depression or tropical storm.

This vast depression, known to meteorologists as the Central American Gyre (CAG), includes remnants of eddies and moisture from Hurricane AGATHA, which devastated the Pacific coast of Mexico last Monday (cat 2), the strongest hurricane to make landfall along Mexico's Pacific coast since 1949. It left 11 dead and 33 people missing.

In this context, a tropical depression or storm is expected to form in the southern Gulf of Mexico by Friday. If it becomes a storm, it will be called Alex, the first name on the list of names for the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season.
The NHC has scheduled the hurricane chaser's first mission in the system for early Thursday afternoon.

Tropical storm watches or warnings could be issued for parts of the Florida peninsula and western Cuba as soon as the day ends. This could happen regardless of whether the system was considered a tropical depression or a tropical storm.

This phenomenon should not concern our islands.

The potential trajectory of future Alex

Source: Weather channel


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