A rich cultural program in mainland France for 20 young people from CSI


With the financial assistance of Rotary, 20 young people from the CSI (Center Symphorien d'Insertion) in the Quartier d'Orléans and 5 supervisors were finally able to take the plane on July 25 in Grand-Case towards the Metropolis for this stay. of 3 weeks of discovery and training they were looking forward to.

In the programme :

• from July 26 to 28, welcome to Paris by Secours Populaire:

- invitation to cruise on the Seine by riverboat

- invitation to DisneyLand

- invitation to the Elysée Palace (Presidency of the Republic), to the Luxembourg Palace (National Assembly), to the Louvre Museum, and in the evening to the Montparnasse Theater (La folle évasion)

• from July 29 to August 15, Reception by the Diocesan House of Merville, in the North, and support by the Comédie Musicamp Association for an improvement in songs, dances, music and theater, on the basis of the show “Le Démarcheur d'Irma” that the children had already presented on July 5 at the Spring-Concordia CCI.

• 16 August Return by plane to Saint-Martin via Guadeloupe.

But five young people will not come back for the next school year. Three will return to the Marine School and two will continue their studies at the Lycée de Versailles.

Thank you to Robert Elmudesi and Air Antilles for the special rates obtained on plane tickets, as well as to all the organizations and all the people who intervened (or who still intervene during the next 3 weeks) to make this dream de voyage has been able to materialize and become a reality, thus allowing young people who have never left Saint-Martin to discover horizons other than that of their “Irmatized” island and to develop their talents. The list of generous donors will be published later by the CSI and the Rotary-club when the children return.

The Rotary-club of Saint-Martin Nord therefore renews its call for donations for this action and other post-cyclonic actions and medium or long-term action projects by soliciting financial participation from all companies or people of good will. , either by check payable to the Rotary-club of St-Martin Nord (BP 1177, 97150 Saint-Martin), or by transfer to the “Actions” account of the Rotary-club of St-Martin Nord at CEPAC in Marigot, in SAINT-MARTIN (IBAN: FR76 1131 5000 0108 0107 2236 412 - BIC: CEPAFRPP131);

For natural or legal persons taxpayers of Saint-Martin, donations to local associations being deductible from IR or IS at 80%, a tax receipt will be immediately issued by the treasurer of our club to the generous donors, for their next tax return.


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