A forum dedicated to the needs of young people associated with close support


The Employment, Training, Entrepreneurship, Social Forum took place over two mornings, Tuesday, December 14 in Quartier d'Orléans and Wednesday, December 15 at Sandy-Ground. 

This format, which favors local information, makes it possible to go to the heart of priority neighborhoods for city policy in order to present support mechanisms, collect requests from the public and help users with their administrative procedures.

The Collectivity, the State and all of their institutional partners are committed to renewing the operation next year in the Orleans district and Sandy Ground but also in Concordia and Grand Case to support as many people as possible.

Thematic Job Dating will also be rolled out in the region from the first quarter of 2022 for ever more proximity. The next topic of Job Dating will be the construction industry.

The Collectivity reminds people looking for a training or apprenticeship course, wishing to create a business or association project or requiring social support, that they can come from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 15 p.m.: 

- To the Human Development Delegation for training, apprenticeship, employment, study assistance, seaside annex in Marigot, 

- To the economic development delegation for support towards economic measures, advice on calls for projects and the CARE unit, rue JJ Fayel in Concordia 

- To the Solidarity and Family delegation, rue Paul Mingau in Concordia for social initiatives. 

A big thank you to the partners for their involvement with the community, at the service of people in need of personalized support.

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