DISTURBANCE OF PUBLIC QUIETNESS / Throwing stones at vehicles: stop endangering motorists!


Almost every day, many motorists are victims of stone throwing in several areas of the island. Irresponsible and, moreover, dangerous acts which the President of the Community, Louis Mussington, firmly condemns.

Calls to law enforcement reporting rocks being thrown at vehicles in certain neighborhoods are becoming more and more numerous.

A stone thrown at the driver's window of a vehicle can lead to dramatic or even fatal consequences.

Faced with the danger, the gendarmerie took emergency measures to raise awareness among young people about the potential risks, by strengthening dialogue and patrols during sensitive times, with the support of the territorial police.

The perpetrators are liable to a fine of €1500 but it is above all to avoid a tragedy that the Community is alerting public opinion, in particular young people and their parents.

Minor children are the responsibility of their parents, who must take care not to leave them unsupervised in the street in the evening.

The president of the Community, Louis Mussington, condemns these acts which must stop as quickly as possible and give way to responsible and respectful behavior, particularly during the Halloween period which is conducive to excesses of this type.

Louis Mussington urges parents to take stock of the situation, send the right messages and monitor their children to avoid any serious accident.

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