Court: 18 months in prison for the mad OQ shooter


During the night of New Year's Eve, an individual, 30 years old, under the influence of alcohol, used his handgun several times inside his home but also since his balcony towards the road.

Fortunately, no one was injured. Only vehicles parked on the street received projectiles, causing property damage.

However, a drama was barely avoided, the bullet impacts having hit a car in which was a four-year-old child.

Arrested the same evening of the events by the gendarmes, F. was placed in police custody and then in pre-trial detention in the PAF premises.

Last Wednesday, the man was tried in immediate appearance at the criminal court of Saint-Martin. He was sentenced to three years' imprisonment, eighteen months of which was suspended and put on probation for two years with the obligation to take care and the prohibition to carry a weapon for five years.

As soon as he left the court, F. took over the management of the Baie-Mahault prison where he was incarcerated. _AF

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