St. Maarten: 107 companies created from Irma


According to initial statistics compiled by STAT, the statistics department of the Ministry of Tourism on the Dutch side, 107 businesses have been created in Sint Maarten since the passage of Hurricane Irma. “The majority are in the food service sector. These companies currently employ 386 people, 201 of whom, or 52% are women, "said a press release from the government of Sint Maarten.

STAT undertook an economic census survey about 10 weeks ago and has received information from more than 1800 active entities. Nine interviewers surveyed in the following areas: Low Lands, Simpson Bay, Cole Bay, Little Bay, Cul de Sac, Philipsburg, Upper Princess Quarter and Lower Princess Quarter.

This census is now in its final stages, where STAT checks non-visible / micro businesses that are registered but do not necessarily operate from an openly visible location. The project has therefore been extended by three weeks and will continue until the third week of August, in order to allow STAT to have a precise idea of ​​the number of companies active in this field.

The approximately 1700 companies that were actively operating before the hurricanes of September 2017 are mostly in wholesale and retail. Accommodation and catering is the second most important sector. These companies currently employ 13 people - including 104 women, up from 6460 before the hurricanes in September.



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