SOS ATTITUDE (URGENCE SAINT MARTIN): End of the mission on the “Friendly Island”!


The last field team, Marie-Christine Jeger-Dunn and Alain Barrier, has just left Saint Martin to join Pointe-à-Pitre before taking their plane back home.

Their final task was to set up a reception camp on behalf of the Collectivity of Saint Martin for around thirty families who had been accommodated since the passage of cyclone IRMA in schools and other municipal buildings.

The camp plan was presented to the authorities of the Collectivity by Marc François during his mission on the island only a few days after the cyclone had passed.

Our balance sheet on Saint Martin is as follows; 105 sheltered families, 75 in the Orleans and Sandy-Ground neighborhoods, and 30 on the Green Valley site.

Thank you to our team members on the ground, Marc François, Oriana Fontaine, Alain Barrier, Marie-Christine Jeger-Dunn and Jean-Pierre Lacas, without forgetting the back-office in Grenoble which followed them throughout this mission! _AF

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