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In a press release, the authorities of Sint Maarten deny the rumor that the border between the French and Dutch side would close for health reasons.

"The border between the Dutch and French part of the island will not be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic" inform, in a statement, the authorities of Sint Maarten who invite the community to ignore the information circulating in this regard. meaning. The Sint Maarten police claim that the information disseminated online is false and ask those who circulate it to stop "because it creates unrest and anxiety among the inhabitants of Saint Martin". In addition, the police will make representations to the prosecution to examine the possibility of prosecuting individuals who disseminate such false information. Everyone in the community is urged by the Sint Maarten police to beware of the rumors that are circulating and to refrain from spreading them and causing panic. Finally, the police also wish to inform the entire community that the blog where such false information circulates is in no way linked to the Facebook page or the website of the Sint Maarten Police. The Sint Maarten Police website can be accessed at

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