SINT MAARTEN: Explosion of covid-19 cases


The health bulletin published by the authorities of Sint Maarten on Saturday reports 210 active cases; a month earlier, the territory had only 17. Throughout the month of July, the number of contaminations increased to explode last week with 180 new cases between July 30 and August 2. That's 2,85 times more than the week before. It is also 30 more cases compared to the total number confirmed during the whole month of July.

The resumption of the epidemic was observed from mid July with 48 and then 63 new cases per week.

14 patients are taken care of by the hospital center in Philipsburg, 196 people are placed in isolation at home and 202 others are in quarantine because they are considered as contact cases.

On Saturday, the number of cumulative cases is 2. On the other hand, unlike in the French part, the number of deaths remains stable with a total of 950 since the start of the pandemic in 34.

As a reminder, the government of Sint Maarten has decided to establish a curfew to curb the spread of the virus; the measure came into effect on Sunday. All businesses must close at 23 p.m.

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