CIVIC SERVICE: CAF is looking for two civic service volunteers at SXM


The Family Allowance Fund (CAF) of Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin is recruiting two Civic Service volunteers whose mission will consist of guiding benefit recipients and partners, supporting them within the CAF digital spaces and providing education around the use of the CAF website, all at the Saint-Martin reception center.

If improving society is an ongoing challenge, getting involved allows you to act on the world while learning about yourself. Between 16 and 25 years old and up to 30 years old in the event of disability, the Civic Service offers the guarantee of a unique experience to help others and gain confidence. Civic service allows you to invest the time of a year with others for a mission of general interest. The skills acquired can be used in the volunteer's training and professional career. There are no qualifications or experience requirements. All that counts is the motivation to engage in a mission of general interest, in the service of society including the population of Saint-Martin and CAF beneficiaries for the missions that concern us here: You are aged 18 At 25, are you motivated, serious and eager to have professional experience supporting others with digital tools? Do you want to know a new engagement framework to gain confidence and skills? So, join CAF for a civic service mission in the center of Saint-Martin starting in March 2024. Familiar with all forms of digital, you will be able to join our teams to facilitate access to rights through digital facilitation and promote and support access to rights. At the heart of the mission of the two civic services offered by CAF:

support the public (beneficiaries, landlords, third parties) in their digital approaches within CAF's multi-service spaces and by telephone, promote the website and the mobile application to these audiences, participate in activities digital workshops within multi-service spaces, contribute to making appointments for digital support in multi-service spaces and finally, develop the digital autonomy of CAF audiences. In summary, actively participate in responding to the needs of the Saint-Martin population in terms of access to rights. The missions last 8 months with 28 hours of activities per week. The monthly compensation will be €610 regardless of the weekly duration of the contract, of which €496,93 is financed by the State and €113,02 by the host organization. It's about living and enriching yourself with new experiences, for yourself, but also to help others, in the service of the collective. _VX

For more information and application:

On the civic service site, the candidate must search for offers from CAF Guadeloupe

Shortened link to the mission proposed by CAF:

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