ROAD SAFETY: 1000 students made aware of road dangers and safety during the school year


Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, the "Sécurité Routière SXM" Association visited the various schools on the island to educate 1000 young students about the dangers of the road, the highway code and rules of conduct as pedestrians and cyclists.

On June 12 and 13, training for the APER (Certificate of First Road Education) came to an end for the CM2 classes of the Elie Gibs and Hervé Williams schools, located respectively in Grand-Case and Concordia.

The pupils of seven classes were concerned. 4 CM2 evolved on the road track in the courtyard of the Elie Gibs school and 3 CM2 followed one another on the Concordia basketball court, near the media library.

For these two days, 77 APER certificates were awarded to students mastering the steering of their bicycles as well as 66 certificates certifying their theoretical knowledge to the less skilled.

They are part of the 327 APER certificates and 140 theoretical knowledge certificates issued since the beginning of this year.

The “Sécurité Routière SXM” association thus closes this school year with the eight primary school classes. In total, nearly 1000 students will have benefited from road safety training since September, including CE2, CM1 and CM2.

This basic knowledge will hopefully improve the road behavior of children during the school holidays which are fast approaching.

Road safety is everyone's business! _AF

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