PREVENTION: Arming exercise for hurricane shelters this July 8, 2023


Christophe Lieb, Director of Major Risks at the Collectivity announced it during the information meeting for the preparation of the hurricane season, the first exercise in arming the shelters will be organized on Saturday July 8 in order to test the equipment in situation. real and estimate the duration of the operation.

First thing to remember for next Saturday which involves the circulation and the installation of emergency containers in front of the shelters, that the population is not won by panic, it is only an exercise which in no way announces the coming impending hurricane. With a desire to test its equipment, the Collectivity will set up a real-life exercise on July 8 in order to give the director of operations crucial information such as the time needed to prepare the seven hurricane shelters. The starting point will be the port of Galisbay where two transport trains have been established, train A which includes four shelters: ASMT at Anse Marcel, the Robert Weinum school complex at Savane, the Marie-Antoinette Richards school at Rambaud and Clair St-Maximin school in Quartier d'Orléans. Train B concerns the Marigot shelters: the Hervé Williams school, the Emile Choisy school and the Evelina Halley school. The vehicles carrying the containers of 20 feet each will be escorted by the territorial police to the respective shelters in order to place the container there and organize the equipment in the shelter. At the end of the day on July 8, each shelter must be both ready and active. The actors in charge of the deployments will then be able to estimate the number of hours to carry out this operation. Each emergency container is equipped with seven pallets of water (64 packs of 1,5L water bottles), a 30m3 flexible tank device, a tent, beds, first aid kits, lamps, a chemical toilet and a generator. For Christophe Lieb, great progress has been made over the past two years, the Collectivity has the means and has invested €300.000 for the preparation of hurricane shelters. _VX

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