Saint-Barth and Martinique in the top 20 of the Caribbean islands where life is good


The Caribbean Journal website recently published its ranking of the 20 Caribbean islands where life is good. The islands of Saint-Barthélémy and Martinique occupy the 5th and 15th places respectively of this top 20.

Placed behind Antigua and Barbuda, Saint-Barthélemy caught the attention of the editorial staff of the site for the security aspect with a non-existent crime rate. Ten places further, we find another French island in the Caribbean basin, Martinique. The Caribbean Journal highlights the lush rainforests and Martinican rum recognized as the best in the world.

The Cayman Islands, the US Virgin Islands and Aruba appear in the third of this Top 20. To establish this ranking, the Caribbean Journal favored several criteria such as the natural environment, the commercial environment (real estate options for expatriate communities ), the culinary offers on the cultural scene but also the ease of access to these islands.

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