His request for release was refused


A young 23-year-old Saint-Martin has been in pre-trial detention in Guadeloupe since November 26 pending his trial scheduled for early January. He was brought before the local court of Saint-Martin for immediate appearance for having harassed his ex-partner, torched her car and broken one of the windows in her apartment. he 

At the hearing he asked for time to prepare his defense, which was granted as of right, the case was postponed to early January. However, the court had to rule on his situation, that is to say, leave him free or not pending trial, knowing that he had been placed in pre-trial detention, at the end of his police custody. .

Considering that the defendant could reiterate the facts, the court decided to keep the young man in pre-trial detention.

A week later, the defendant asked the court for his release. explained to the judges that he "had meditated" and that he justified his request by having to continue to Saint-Barthélemy. He offered to be able to have an electronic bracelet and assured that he would not try to contact the victim.

After deliberation, the court rejected his request. The young person therefore remains in prison until his trial. (soualigapost.com)

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