Rum made in Saint-Martin: The Rhum Island company wants to position itself for export


It was in July 2017 that the company Rhum Island, which develops and bottles rum in Saint-Martin, was inaugurated. In their semi-automatic manufacturing workshop located in Hope Estate, Valérie, Lisa, Olivier and Christophe relaunch their business, destroyed and looted during cyclone Irma.

Despite the implementation of several actions to boost activity, such as the creation of a Master class, tastings, positioning at the head of the gondola in supermarkets, advertising displays on the public highway, Oliver Kleinhans, one of the managers , notes that "it is difficult to take off". A new packaging and a different visual were created last summer, and “potential customers have to change their consumption habits to come to our products. But it doesn't happen by itself, ”notes Olivier. The latter estimates that it will take a little time and a first assessment will be made at the end of next season, “the product is appreciated and it is good. In terms of prices, we are super correct, and cheaper than the competition ”. The pricing policy put in place by Rhum Island is designed to gain market share, "and there is no reason why it should not take off".

The company resumed its activity in December 2018, fourteen months after Irma, and to develop and attract new export distributors, participation in international fairs was a must. Paris, Marseille, Berlin, Spa, New York, San Francisco, but also Poland, have all been showcases to promote the rum produced in Saint-Martin. "We are starting our first steps in exporting", specifies Olivier Kleinhans.

A distributor in Belgium, another in Italy, and contacts take place with Switzerland, “we have retailers in Paris, like the Maison du Rhum (…) But we take the time because then it has to follow in the workshop ”.

Rhum Island produces between 1 and 500 bottles per month, an amount deemed insufficient by Olivier who would like to produce 2 to 000, "the ideal would be 4, 5 bottles per year". A positive point is the recent gold medal obtained in Saint-Barthélemy during the edition of the Caribbean Rum Award 000, "a big boost". _RM

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  1. David November 14, 2019 at 10:23 pm Reply

    Rum made in St Martin ……. It is the responsibility of the repression of fraud, because there is no production of sugar canes here in St Martin.
    Many businesses have been shut down by fraud repression because of this brand: Made in St Martin.
    What is this crackdown on fraud doing today?
    Two weights and two measures. ?
    Can big companies and small companies be illegal?
    The Prosecutor must stick his nose in these cases!

    • Vk November 14, 2019 at 12:21 pm Reply

      Monsieur Because you think that in France there is sugar cane!… And that all the brands of bottled rums, assembled in France are illegal… You seem to have little knowledge of the laws regarding the repression of fraud! All products made in a country like Saint-Martin have the legal obligation to put on the bottle “Bottled at… by…
      Before criticizing, start learning the rules… The companies that closed shouldn't really follow these rules…

  2. David November 14, 2019 at 13:25 pm Reply

    Bottling is not a De Saint Martin production.
    All the businesses closed in Saint Martin by the repression of fraud were all in order.
    They were all up to date fiscally!
    They said like you: Made in Saint Martin!
    Which is wrong because Saint Martin has never manufactured anything or even produced anything!
    The crackdown on fraud has shut down these businesses!
    The Law must be respected by all, including by the so-called Saint-Martinois.
    Stop abusing tourists with false productions: Made in Saint-Martin.
    Between the crimes hidden by the media and the fake Made in Saint-Martin. You kill the island!
    Count the Bromates served by restaurateurs who kill foreign customers who do not know that water kills people on the island.
    Stop your scams !!!

  3. Agnès November 16, 2019 at 13:35 pm Reply

    Hello sir . Instead of polemics let us leave the companies which value Saint Martin and congratulate the good initiatives which can only put Saint Martin in the light

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